Succulents in Little Glass Cups

A few years ago, I bought 24 of these tiny, double-walled glass cups. In my office, I’ve always had supplies on hand to throw down a nice tea service and I love these cups to serve tea in. They are clear which allows you to see the beautiful color of the tea inside. They are also small. You can fit a gulp or two inside one cup, and this allows for thoughtful sipping with lots of refills. Lots of refills might not sound like the desired effect, but this guarantees that your tea is always warm.

Small Glass Cups

Since moving to my new house, I’ve been overwhelmed with getting started on any sort of decorating. I do not like that word. I don’t want a ‘decorated’ space, I want a designed space. So, we’ll say I have not yet started on designing our space.

Small Glass Cup

Except for these little guys! We are lucky that we have 20 windows in this house and each one has deep windowsills. The sills on the first floor are like 8 inches deep. I wanted to tuck a little greenery into each room and this seemed to be a great solution.


You can buy small flats of succulents from places like Home Depot. Pick the ones you like.


I’m using the glass cups, but you can use anything else. This is not an ideal environment for succulents, but it’s a good stop-gap measure for me right now. These cups are not permanent homes for these succulents….at the end of summer I’ll probably move them to a larger container with drainage once I figure out the house overall.


It’s so simple and produces a very pretty end result.



They are very happy in the windows of my home.


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  1. This is adorable. I’d love to do this… sigh. Except the cats…