Review: Viarco ArtGraf Watercolor Graphite Set

I use pencil a lot in my design work. I use pencils to do preliminary sketches and layout mockups. I use them for edits and to do lists. I use graphite (sticks, pencils and otherwise) for more illustrative purposes and for my work in typeface design. I generally always start my fonts in pencil!

I ordered this set {Global Art Materials Viarco Watercolor Graphite Set by ArtGraf
} because I’ve been doing a lot with brush lettering. I wanted the look of pencil without the involvement of pencil lead. And, here’s my solution!

This is an example of brush lettering:

Brush Lettering with Graphite

I used this set to do the above.

When I draw, I draw letters. And the typeface I’m currently working on is based on a style of brush lettering and this is what I used to draw out my letterforms before digitizing them to work on a computer.


Viarco ArtGrafI searched for a good water-soluble graphite solution and settled on this set.

It’s fantastic!

Viarco ArtGraf

It comes in a nice box. The box includes a tin of water-soluble graphite, a travel brush (a paintbrush with a cap. You post the cap and it becomes a full-size paintbrush. The cap protects the bristles.) And a graphite stick.

Viarco ArtGraf

The water-soluble graphite is great for the way I use it which is basically drawing letters and figures.

Viarco ArtGraf

The tin is great. I mix the water with the graphite in the lid of the tin.

Viarco ArtGraf

And the items are small (and sturdy) enough to fit in a pencil case or bag if you travel. I really like this set.

Viarco ArtGraf


So, all that said, you should know that you can buy just the tin on its own, or other sets with different items. I would suggest considering buying a set. For example, I keep this set (box and all) neatly stored in a shelf. The box is sturdy and protects everything. It’s also small enough (and the lid stays closed) if I tuck it into my laptop bag. However, it depends on how you would use it and how you would store it. At the least, the tin of water-soluble graphite is awesome.

Here’s the link to one place you can find the set:

Global Art Materials Viarco Watercolor Graphite Set by ArtGraf


  1. Oh very cool! I love the idea of tins and graphite and all that. I just have no need for it and would never use it. But I love it anyway.

  2. Wow, this looks great! I sometimes dabble on brush lettering but never encountered graphite stick before. Hoping it’s available in my neck of the woods. Thanks!

  3. This looks really versatile. Do you think it would work for etegami?