Vintage Find | Antique Musical Carousel

If you don’t already, go to your nearest thrift store on a regular basis.

There are treasures to be had.

Finds to discover.

Trinkets to claim.


Look at this. It’s a carousel. Made of some metal of some sort…zinc maybe? No idea. It’s certainly not a recent creation.


Look at the details. Doesn’t it just capture you? Pull you in?


If I had had this around when I was a child, I can guarantee that this would have inspired many a daydream.


The dern thing is even decorated. Look at the little flags, waving in the wind.


When I find stuff like this, I always wonder Who bought it? How much did they pay? Why did they buy it? How did it end up at a thrift store?


Maybe that’s why this is so magical. Because I don’t know any of those things. I only know that it was something somebody somewhere threw away. Something someone else saw no value in.

Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

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  1. you did buy this, didn’t you? those flags and the little stairs just kill me!!!

  2. i have this same piece and was wondering if you had anymore information about it please let me know

  3. Hi Crystal!
    All I know is basically what’s above. Where did you find yours? And in what part of the country?

  4. anyone know what it may be worth mine works perfectly mine plays happy days are here again