A Special Holiday Card

No matter what holiday you celebrate in December, I think they all have one thing in common.

Light. Candles. Brightness.

Perhaps that sounds sappy, but seriously, let’s look at some of the holidays.

Picture 35

+ Christmas Lights
+ Lots of songs about stars
+ For those that attend Church or services, many sects of Christianity use a special candle on Christmas

+ Menorah!

Bohdi Day
+ celbration of enlightenment by Buddhists

Winter Solstice
+ celebration on the shortest day of the year and more daylight to come

Picture 36

And, whether you’re celebrating a holiday or the new year, light is perhaps a perfect representation of them all.

Picture 35

I spent an evening making this card out of paper scraps and embroidery floss and I do believe I’m going to have to make a few more. The front of the card features candles—a wonderful symbol for the season that all can identify with.

What did you choose for your cards this year?

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